"SoundBlox is an MP3 audio playing Internet  JAN 23 2004

"SoundBlox is an MP3 audio playing Internet application that can be embedded into a personal blog template".

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Firas06 23 2004 9:06PM

From the config file:

Darn, they had to add that part in.

Firas08 23 2004 9:08PM

ok, another try:

<customize autostart=...

Izzy00 24 200411:00AM

Unbelievably cool. Too bad I can't use it for now because on Typepad we can't edit our template code to add to the header.

jkottke37 24 2004 1:37PM

I bet you might be able to put the code outside of the header, as long as it's before the second block of JavaScript. If you try it out, let us know if it worked or not.

Lyndon23 28 2004 2:23AM

For an example of soundblox in typepad, please view source on:
. Thanks for the positive feedback!

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