Rolling Stone story about Justin Frankel, inventor  JAN 22 2004

Rolling Stone story about Justin Frankel, inventor of WinAmp and Gnutella and a continual thorn in AOL's side.

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Smackfu12 22 2004 1:12PM

Good article but this is a bit iffy: "With Gnutella, Napster became almost irrelevant. "

Cheapbastard00 22 2004 4:00PM

"Then he looks under his Porsche, his VW van, his Swiss military truck, his Go Big scooter, his gutted Audi. He pokes his head behind a hacked Xbox, pulsing the word SeXbox onto a forty-eight-inch flat screen."

100 million sheesh.. this is what happens when geeks get rick... must be nice..

adrian21 23 2004 4:21AM

Not a thorn anymore. He resigned.

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