Red Sox and Curt Schilling have been  JAN 05 2004

Red Sox and Curt Schilling have been circumventing traditional media channels, and the media is a bit upset. Schilling "told the reporters that it was their job to track down the news, not his job to hand it to them"

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Zach52 05 2004 1:52PM

Awesome. He's worth the money just for making the press have to, gulp, work.

Harris34 05 2004 3:34PM

The guy is a class act - he's intelligent and a student of the game, on top of being one of the best pitchers of his generation. You get the feeling that he appreciates his position and the perks that go along with it more than most

GM23 09 200412:23AM

As if there weren't enough reasons to respect the guy.

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