Kottke and Megnut forever; what, therefore, Software  JAN 16 2004

Kottke and Megnut forever; what, therefore, Software has joined together, let not man tear asunder.

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Scott02 16 2004 7:02PM

My favorite from "You've got Kottke in my Megnut"

Over the next decade, this stitching together of different news and opinion sources will slowly become Matt's a.whole

Bruce Elrick19 16 200411:19PM

how self referential

Anil15 17 2004 6:15AM

You know, back in the good old days, someone on MetaFilter would have put this together *for* you so you didn't have to do it yourself.

Dave07 17 2004 1:07PM

where what a who how?

"Cannot find server or DNS Error
Internet Explorer"

dahl25 21 2004 1:25PM

Personally, I think Wendy made the best use of it.

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