Kevin Kelly points us toward a free  JAN 30 2004

Kevin Kelly points us toward a free document on surviving a WMD attack.

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Jens23 30 2004 6:23PM

Duck and cover! That´s how I survived the last WMD attack in my neighborhood!

idogcow00 30 2004 8:00PM

Run Away!

bob34 30 2004 8:34PM

no no no, you got it all wrong. all you have to do is duct tape a bag around your head.

fastfinge40 01 200410:40AM

Why is everything in PDF? I hate it! Mainly because of the fact I'm unable to read it. Anyone managed to find a text/html version around?

Firas51 01 2004 3:51PM

Is it just an urban legend, or was there an official report that came to the conclusion that the only thing to do would be to not be there when it happens?

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