Hyperdictionary is a free online dictionary that  JAN 26 2004

Hyperdictionary is a free online dictionary that looks interesting and useful. Includes a computer dictionary, thesaurus, medical dictionary, and dream dictionary.

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Peter29 26 200412:29PM

...except that it doesn't suggest alternate spellings when you get the spelling wrong. instead it just shows the word you typed in, without even a message saying the word wasn't found. that's a pretty important feature for an online dictionary, imo.

otherwise, it seems rather cool.

Paul Neave59 26 200412:59PM

I recommend WordWeb Pro - http://www.wordweb.info/ - a fantastic little app that runs in the background. Select a word, Alt+Ctrl+W and up pops WordWeb with a explanative dictionary, thesaurus (synonyms, atonyms etc.), anagrams, similar words and all sorts.

Joe Bogner15 26 2004 5:15PM

argh... thanks for killing hyperdictionary. apparently kottke can wreak a slashdot effect, effect on web sites.

fastfinge04 01 200411:04AM

still looks more complete to me.

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