Apple revised their famous 1984 commercial; the woman  JAN 07 2004

Apple revised their famous 1984 commercial; the woman with the sledgehammer is listening to an iPod.

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R.43 07 2004 4:43PM

I like that we have the technology to modify source material in this manner. I hate that they actually went and did it.

Paul M03 07 2004 6:03PM

One thing is for sure, they didnt add a bra.

padraigin02 07 2004 8:02PM

It could have been cool, if they'd actually DONE something with it.

Fred29 07 2004 8:29PM

As I mentioned on my my blog the question really is... will this revised version supplant the old one? i.e. will the original version be "depreciated" in favour of this one? Will history be rewritten? Will students of advertising from here on in only be able to access the '84 iPod version? Or will both be made available to the interetested? In 10 years, when Apple trots out the ad for the 30th Anniversary of the Macintosh, which version will be shown?

Greg58 07 2004 9:58PM

Uh, let's go back to the bra thing. Who's really looking at the iPod anyway?

James53 08 2004 5:53AM

I'm not so sure I understand why they added the iPod... it was the only thing they changed, and the commercial has nothing to do with the iPod.

Maybe they had to change the ad slightly so that they could preserve the fact that the original ad was only ever played on television once - and so that they could play it during this years Super Bowl without consequence.

eric47 08 2004 8:47AM

No, no, no. This isn't a new commercial. This is only a funny stunt they did for the expo crowd. It will not be airing anywhere.

James06 08 200410:06AM

Oh I see. Well that's not very exciting.

Stephen29 08 200410:29AM

iPod... there was an iPod?

cf. Greg, Paul M. et alia

lumpload35 08 2004 2:35PM

I thought this was a new Victoria's Secret commercial. My bad.

Dinah40 08 2004 4:40PM

Even I, biased as I am toward the penis-enabled, thought "Wow. I didn't remember her being so bouncy." I guess we can all thank that brave actress for suffering in order to bring a moment of pleasure to the masses.

Brian46 08 2004 4:46PM

Given that the girl is running and swinging hammers around, I find it unlikely that her iPod would play skip-free. Given the additional up and down force from her renegade boobies, I'm almost positive it wouldn't.

Jonathan54 09 200412:54AM

Do iPods ever skip? Was that Jason Kottke marching in line early on in the video? Does this mean all you need is an iPod to overthrow tyranny?

leon45 09 2004 9:45AM

iPods can't skip, regardless of the tremor. I think the slight re-work is a novel idea that revisits one of the greatest commercials ever made.

Mike35 09 2004 1:35PM

Aww, you went and ruined the surprise of the ad. :-)

Thor chicks++

I'm so ashamed.24 09 2004 5:24PM

Oddly, I noticed the boobies this time around, even before reading these comments. Someone needs to do a frame-by-frame comparison and see if in fact she has implants in the modified version. While we're modifying Ridley Scott's work, someone take a crack at Alien.

Rob57 09 2004 6:57PM

Steve Jobs pulls a George Lucas... If you thought Greedo shooting first was bad, check this one out.

Patrik50 11 2004 6:50AM

Disturbing. It would seem that it's actually Apple that is charge of the Ministry of Truth.

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