A Whirlwind Tour of the Protestant Reformation  JAN 03 2004

A Whirlwind Tour of the Protestant Reformation.

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Paulo00 03 200410:00PM

Nice. Having been a Protestant since `95, I've been meaning to read up on these people, but I can never seem to get down to reading a decent historical primer on anyone other than Luther. This should be good for a quick dummy's guide so I can fake my way through conversation with my Reformed friends. ;)

brock05 04 2004 1:05AM

i object to the term "protestant reformation". i was taught the "PROTESTant REVOLT".

Kip Ingram43 04 2004 1:43AM

I have British friends that refer to the American Revolution as "the rebellion." :-) It's really all in one's perspective, isn't it?

margaret38 04 2004 2:38AM

let's not forget "The War of Northern Aggression"

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