A map of all the states I've visited  JAN 29 2004

A map of all the states I've visited. 48 down, 2 to go

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jkottke36 29 2004 4:36PM

Create your own map at World66. They also do world maps...here's mine.

The World66 site seems to be a travel wiki. Anyone can add content and all content is then available for publishing under a CC license. Very cool.

Stefan Jones54 29 2004 4:54PM

Vermont and New Hampshire . . . the Ying and Yang of the states.

TheBrad19 29 2004 5:19PM

I've been to all but two as well, Alaska and Hawaii in my case.

megnut21 29 2004 5:21PM

Brad, you're missing the best ones! I'm -- not surprisingly -- missing a slew there in the middle.

Stefan Jones33 29 2004 5:33PM

I've skipped the states I just made "airport visits" to:
My Map.

Peter38 29 2004 5:38PM

is it just me, or is arizona missing from their list?

Peter39 29 2004 5:39PM

it is just me :) stupid sideways alphebetization!

Peter48 29 2004 5:48PM

is it obvious i drove home from san francisco to toronto (with a recent trip to boston)?
here it is.

dave48 29 2004 5:48PM

Apparently they disallow visits to England. Or am I blind?

Mike34 29 2004 6:34PM

It takes some serious talent...or a plane...to go to Maine without hitting NH or Vermont.

ChicagoTex!50 29 2004 6:50PM

I've been to all except Hawaii. Now I don't go anywhere, alas. It's been several weeks since I've been out of downtown Chicago.

Kyle Ridolfo52 29 2004 9:52PM

Jason you're missing out! You must visit NH sometime. Skip Vermont. Hippy freaks. :)

Hippy Freak54 30 2004 9:54AM

Vermont is a beautiful state - a must visit... though unless you like cold and REALLY want to go skiing, I'd wait until spring.

Mathew05 30 200410:05AM

Spring in Vermont is not a fun time. Come in June! That way you can avoid all the mud and bleakness.

Ben29 30 2004 1:29PM

It'll be a cold day in hell before I recognize Missoura.

craig de leon13 30 2004 4:13PM

my wife and i enjoy arguing about who has visited more states. but the fact we always get hung up on what constitutes a "visit."

sardonic34 30 2004 4:34PM

how is it possible that you have visited Maine AND Massachusettes, not to mention Alaska, for god's sake, but NOT Vermont & New Hampshire?

Ben41 30 200411:41PM

Right, at least you could get those remaining two in a short afternoon...

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