What's the deal with boingboing?  OCT 31 2003

What's the deal with boingboing?. Is God getting revenge for the SARS art stuff or is Carl's server just a little wonky?

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Tom Harpel48 31 200310:48AM

Cory says at MeFi that they are working through some server problems.

jkottke25 31 200311:25AM

BB is available here. According to Xeni, it's moving to a new server. Could this mean bye bye Blogger and hello MT finally?

Craniac13 01 2003 1:13AM

Yet still, no comments system. Why am I so bitter about the removal of comments? Obviously I have no life.

yawn52 02 2003 3:52PM

works fine now.. redirects to temporary IP addy :)

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