Segway Personality Tester  OCT 15 2003

Before and after my Segway ride, I watched several other people ride it. In addition to being a personal transporter, the Segway is also a remarkably accurate personality tester. You can cheat on a Myers-Briggs test, lie to your therapist, or fool a lie detector, but there's no hiding who you are the first time your brain and a self-balancing scooter do battle. Your timidity, your gregariousness, your mistrust, your creativity, your confidence, they're all on display.

Bob Frankston, who has a most energetic and enthusiastic mind, careened frentically around on it in full freestyle experimentation, nearly giving the owner a heart attack as he scrambled to keep a grip on the handbars so that Bob didn't break anything or anyone. Ben Trott took a controlled ride, no surprise to anyone who knows Ben. Cameron Marlow had a confident ride, in control and horsing around at the same time.

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