Radiohead show is tomorrow night and I'm  OCT 09 2003

Radiohead show is tomorrow night and I'm quite chuffed about it.

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mike24 09 200310:24AM

you should be! i trekked up from LI to see them in Montreal on this tour, it was a fantastic show.

wes42 09 200310:42AM

saw them in atlanta last monday. awesome show.

michael55 09 200310:55AM

i'm sorry, chuffed? ;)

jkottke02 09 200311:02AM

That one was for you, Michael.

Jen25 09 200311:25AM

chuffed...that's so cute, but my only issue with using it is that I might slip and say 'chaffed' which is no so cute.

John Ur41 09 2003 1:41PM

I too am quite excited. Though my friend Dave seems to be more so as he wishes that Radiohead would play such strange and inaudible noises as to make him convulse and possibly vomit. This is what he is looking forward to... I'll be in section 9 on the floor, hopefully away from any regurgitation.

Buzz Andersen43 09 2003 2:43PM

I saw their show in Mountain View. It was very cool. Not only did they play an ancient song (Lurgee), they also did not one, not two, but THREE encores.

bruceyeah19 10 2003 1:19PM

Saw them at Glastonbury this year.... absolutely amazing... best concert of my life.

frank52 10 2003 5:52PM

Thursday night was amazing! Bring on Friday!

Anthony20 11 2003 2:20PM

Red Rocks, baby. :)

Big Ideas, Subterranean Homesick Alien, and Lucky were played

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