OS X 10.3 to hit stores on Oct 24  OCT 08 2003

OS X 10.3 to hit stores on Oct 24.

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Schmelding03 08 2003 1:03PM

Lemme be the first to say, "I hereby welcome my Panther overlord."

Dave Campbell05 08 2003 1:05PM

Ok, go ahead.

Schmelding05 08 2003 1:05PM

I hereby welcome my Panther overlord.

Jacob Patton53 08 2003 1:53PM

Exposé looks frickin' awesome (Scott).

megnut22 08 2003 2:22PM

Another $129?! Jesus.

Matt Haughey45 08 2003 2:45PM

Can't wait to see photos of nerds lined up for "midnight release parties" at the end of the month.

Brian52 08 2003 2:52PM

I can hardly wait not to upgrade. I mean, really, that brushed-metal abomination of a Finder is just over the top.

Glutton08 08 2003 3:08PM

Holdin' steady at 9...

Stefanie Noble33 08 2003 8:33PM

Ahh... $69 with education discount. Get a college friend to buy it for you!

p diddy04 09 2003 4:04AM

I can't believe web 'superstars' are complaining about the cost. Fork up the bling bling yo!

Schmelding28 09 2003 4:28AM

“I can hardly wait not to upgrade. I mean, really, that brushed-metal abomination of a Finder is just over the top.”

There&srquo;s already another post about this.

I, for one, welcome my brushed metal overlord.

Brian47 09 200311:47AM

I'm too much of an Apple Whore to pass up a nifty upgrade that might make my mac "snappier". I'll be one of those nerds in line at the Apple Store. But I will be getting it at 8...not midnight.

Buzz Andersen51 09 2003 2:51PM

megnut: Another $129?! Jesus.

Oh, give me a break. As I'm fond of pointing out these days, you really have to think of this not so much 10.3, but rather version 3 of OS X. I don't think charging for a major new OS version (as opposed to the point releases you get through software update) is so terribly awful.

FWIW, wearisome brused metal critiques aside, Panther is worth it.

Buzz Andersen56 09 2003 2:56PM

Actually--make that version 4 of OS X (I forgot about 10.0).

Dave45 09 2003 6:45PM

I hear from a friend (who installed the latest release before gold master) that the speedup on his G4 450 was "amazing," larger than the jump from 10.1 to 10.2 and could be on the scale of the 10.0 to 10.1 jump. I wasn't expecting a huge speed increase, but I'll take it.

But I agree, Expose is worth it alone.

pb24 09 200310:24PM

$129 is pretty steep. Apple really needs to make sure it moves a large percentage of the base up to each new version. At that price and with no discounts for upgrading from Jaguar, the MacOS audience is going to get very fragmented which is a very bad thing.

$129 for a window arranger? Are you out of your mind?

thomas41 09 200310:41PM

Honestly, I don't think 129 is bad at all. Expose is just one of the improvements. Quality costs.

People can stick with windows if that's their choice.

Todd25 10 2003 1:25AM

Matt - just wait until you see a picture of this particular nerd *working* at one of the release parties.

Dave49 10 200310:49AM

Well, I'll pay $69 for my educational discounted window arranger. But I switch between a number of apps very frequently, more than the average person, I'd guess. If I can lop off a fifth of a second per app switch, I would save a few minutes per day. I think the savings will be more along the lines of a half a second per switch because I'm usually hunting for one specific document within an application.

So, yeah, I could be crazy. Crazy like a fox!

As for fragmentation, yeah, it could happen if people didn't pirate software. What I've found is that a few people will pay the price for the upgrade and then pass it on to their family and friends. I already have five people on my upgrade waiting list. So by selling a million copies, Apple is really upgrading five million people.

Graham47 11 2003 7:47AM

It's worse than The SIms!

Alon Koppel28 11 2003 6:28PM

I think Apple is losing potential upgrading customers by not giving a discount to 10.2 owners, if it was $99 for current 10.2 owners, I think more people could be more inclined to upgrade. Their one price - fits all, is dissapointing and been going on since OS X beta. True, $129 is not too bad, but I think they could get many more people to upgrade if they felt a direct connection to the fact they already own previous OS X versions.

Buzz Andersen32 13 200311:32AM

Window arranger? That's rich, although if that's your perception of what an operating system does, I could understand the reluctance to pay for one! The window manager, in actuality, is but one subsystem among many in *any* operating system.

Following that same line of reductionist thought, I'd like to announce that all of us programmers have been pulling one over on the world for some time now. Truth be told, programming isn't that hard: after all, it's just typing, right?

Lending tree 11 01 2004 6:11AM

Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.

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