Only 5% of the universe is ordinary matter,  OCT 28 2003

Only 5% of the universe is ordinary matter, most of it is dark energy.

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Rudy54 28 2003 8:54PM

This changes everything.

Brian07 28 200311:07PM

2% of that is Wall-Mart

dowingba43 29 200312:43PM

Don't you get it? That means we're all a visible minority! So we can all start eating at McDonald's again! Phew, I was scared there for a minute.

speedwell19 30 200312:19PM

Aren't we lucky to be living in the tiny fraction of ordinary matter? Imagine we were forced to live in the dark matter! This must prove the existence of a benevolent God!


Dave16 30 2003 2:16PM

the Dark Side is great.

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