New Yorker review of DFW's Everything and More  OCT 28 2003

New Yorker review of DFW's Everything and More.

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jjg36 28 200311:36AM

Surely I'm not the only one who does a mental double-take every time I see this acronym before I realize it's referring to David Foster Wallace, not Dallas-Fort Worth.

Matt Haughey25 28 2003 9:25PM

My first response was to wonder how the DFW bloggers had written a book and gotten it mentioned in the new yorker.

jkottke20 28 200310:20PM

I wonder how a book about infinity collaboratively written by the population of Dallas/Fort Worth would read.

doho darat58 28 200311:58PM

these kind of books tend to come out in pairs for some reason :D also, btw, jim holt on large numbers!

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