NES controller belt buckle  OCT 29 2003

NES controller belt buckle. Just push "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start" to get your pants off

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Bryan42 29 2003 1:42PM

I just can't believe someone paid 17 bucks for it.

Someone that isn't me, I mean.

Steven Garrity59 29 2003 2:59PM

You missed "select" - it's "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, Select, Start"

John37 29 2003 3:37PM

I've spent most of my adult life trying to _forget_ the "Contra" cheat code!

Eamon06 29 2003 4:06PM

Steven, those are two different codes. The former gives you 33 lives per continue, the latter infinite.

This shirt always gets laughs.

jkottke12 29 2003 4:12PM

There seems to be some controversy as to the exact cheat code. Including Steven's (which sounds more correct than the one I have listed), there are about 4 different variations I've found with various Google searches. I can't remember which is the true cheat, and can't really check because I don't have an NES handy and don't want to d/l an NES emulator.

Glutton14 29 2003 4:14PM

Notice the guy is selling two more of these "unique" buckles... all going for $17-18.

Ben29 29 2003 4:29PM

I recently noticed a cargo truck from NJ driving through Minneapolis (any van with grafitti sticks out like a sore thumb here, whereas in NY or NJ they are commonplace), and it had a large sticker of that code phrase on it (up down up down left right, etc...) Must be something from "the streets".

Mathew47 29 2003 4:47PM

The version I grew up with was Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, B A, B A, Start

jjg48 29 2003 6:48PM

In Texas, they use Xbox controllers for belt buckles.

Brian39 29 2003 9:39PM

For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 : the Arcade Game (by Konami)

the code was B A B A U D B A L R B A Start

Andrew57 29 200310:57PM

It's not just the Contra code, it's the Konami code and works in many of the early Konami games for the Famicom/NES including Gradius and Contra. In Contra, B, A, Start is for the single player game and B, A, Select, Start is for multiplayer. According to Kazuhisa Hashimoto (one of Konami's NES guys) he made the code because he needed something easy to remember for debugging.

dowingba29 29 200311:29PM

Geeze just get a game genie. Nerds.

Mike15 30 200310:15AM

Nice one Jesse ;)

sushiesque06 30 2003 2:06PM

That's the code to get your pants off 40 times. If you hit "select" before "start", that's the code to get *two* people's pants off. 40 times.

Rob Iracane17 30 2003 2:17PM

There's an Ataris song called "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start" on their 2001 album End Is Forever. Pretty lame pop-punk song but a great 80's reference nonetheless.

jason12 31 2003 9:12AM

U U D D L R L R B A (select) START

that's the code. :)

did anyone ever beat Rush N' Attack?

sushiesque42 01 200311:42AM

Nope, no one ever did. And did anyone else always hear that title as "Russian Attack"?

John05 03 200310:05PM

"Rush N' Attack" was one of my favorite arcade games. I did think it was a play on "Russian Attack," since the Cold War was still raging, the enemy soldiers and their gear looked vaguely Soviet, and you'd see red stars on some of the buildings. If I remember correctly, the international version of "Rush N' Attack" was called "Green Beret."

I can rescue the POWs on the coin-op version twice, but I didn't really play the Nintendo version much.

sushiesque59 04 2003 9:59AM

tangent: the Japanese version of "Bionic Commando" was called "Top Secret - Hitler's Revival" and had swastikas everywhere.

Crackercrumbs43 04 200311:43PM

up up down down left right left right ba start gave you 30 guys in contra and life force, it also refilled your life (only once) in the game boy teenage mutant ninja turtles, also it worked in super r-type if you wanted to blow up your ship...if you used the l and r buttons it maxed your weapons i think.

becca12 10 2003 2:12PM

hey...does ANYONE know how to make the nintendo[NES] controller belt buckle??

becca12 10 2003 2:12PM

hey...does ANYONE know how to make the nintendo[NES] controller belt buckle??

nicole wessler07 25 2004 5:07PM

make it

ask for austin08 25 2004 5:08PM

253 581 6070

ask for austin08 25 2004 5:08PM

253 581 6070

ask for austin08 25 2004 5:08PM

253 581 6070

James46 22 2004 7:46PM check it out, they sell them!

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