Enter the British Blog Awards 2003  OCT 17 2003

Enter the British Blog Awards 2003.

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Richard42 17 2003 6:42PM

No offence, Jason--because if anybody should be on a panel judging the best weblogs, you at least deserve consideration for it--but why are three of the four judges Americans?

no.37 17 2003 7:37PM

he's a judge for the design portion- and good design is universal. it looks like quite a few of the other judges are british, although it's kind of hard to tell.

Richard51 17 2003 8:51PM

Ah good point. First (and second and third) time I read it, I thought it said Jason et al were *the* judges and that the those listed below were the nominees. Fourth time--plus having it pointing it out to one--is the charm. Still, three Americans and one Briton...

James21 17 2003 9:21PM

Heh. Do you actually get to meet Moby?

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