After-the-fact advertising can change your perception of  OCT 22 2003

After-the-fact advertising can change your perception of a product, service, or experience. I've had this happen to me

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Ben21 22 200311:21AM

For what product?

Todd35 22 200311:35AM

I've had a long-standing theory that Taco Bell food, which invariably makes me sick when I eat it, is laced with chemical that induces a short-term memory loss. I can eat it, get sick, and, since I forget about the "getting sick" part, I'll be willing to go back there and eat again within a few days.

Beth Ringsmuth16 22 2003 3:16PM

Usually shopping at the Gap makes me feel like a total dweeb in khakis and sweaters with patches on the elbows, but then I see commercials with the likes of Lucy Liu and Claudia Schiffer with lovely dancy music in the background, and I think, Gee, I'm sort of trendy in a hip, Gap way. Commercials have convinced me to think I'm hip when shopping at the Gap. Kill me now.

lane39 22 2003 4:39PM

i just saw "Capturing the Freidmans" last night.

i don't know whether the Freidmans abused those kids or not, but this story, in context with that movie, is pretty creepy.

jkottke39 22 2003 4:39PM

Movies usually. Sometimes I go to a film and I don't care for it all that much or might only like it a little, but seeing subsequent trailers or other advertising for it can convince me I liked it more than I actually did.

jGregor56 22 2003 5:56PM

This isn't that new. I've experienced this psycho-social anomaly for years when I broke up with someone and saw him with someone else later. I suddenly could only remember the good bits. I find this theory works in reverse when visiting parents. I dread it much worse than it actually is...for the first three days.

Lea49 26 2003 3:49PM

Yep, this has happened to me too. I hate those FUGLY Louis Vuiton (or however you spell it) bags. Come on, brown and tan? And then soon, other things start to immitate it, with cutesy designs, and my weakness -- he did a collab with a Japanese illustrator -- and suddenly I look at LV bags and think, "Well, it's not THAT bad." And then I shake myself and realise, yes, actually, it is.

Badanes Matt 37 28 2004 9:37AM

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

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