Where do I find the "any" key on my keyboard?  SEP 29 2003

Where do I find the "any" key on my keyboard?.

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Patti38 29 200310:38AM

I'm tempted to tell them that it's the key that says "power"...

patty15 29 200311:15AM

haha.. thanks for brightening up my morning.

dubiousalibi38 29 2003 1:38PM

hmmm. PC user ;)

Brian53 30 2003 2:53PM

Thank God someone has finally clarified this. I thought I was going crazy.

irott39 01 2003 7:39PM

There doesn't seem to be any "any" key...

Dazz45 24 2004 1:45PM

where is the return key on my hp keyboard

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.


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