Using autocomplete in HTML text boxes  SEP 21 2003

Using autocomplete in HTML text boxes.

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complex55 21 200310:55PM

uh, i think you just kottke'ed the site.

Jim Ray24 21 200311:24PM

Google to the rescue! Cached here

Great for slashdottings, mefi-ings and the occasional kottkeing. e-ing. yeah.

dtetto29 22 200312:29AM

I don't get it.

It doesn't work in Netscape or Opera, and IE (as well as the other two anyway, no?) already has autocomplete in text boxes. I couldn't get the example code to work, but it obviously revolves around the webmaster presupposing the input. If that is the case, why not a drop down? Otherwise, just let the browser autocomplete the way the user understands, by offering previously submitted queries.

thisis test32 24 2003 7:32AM

this is test the messagte

jamie45 03 2004 4:45PM

how do i add this to my site?

Hall Carolyn 01 21 2004 3:01AM

An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger

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