Update on the uber Matrix Reloaded thread(  SEP 02 2003

Update on the uber Matrix Reloaded thread(s): 1509 comments and counting. 931 comments on the first thread and 578 on the second one

There are 8 reader comments

YL29 03 200310:29AM

First post! First post!

Glutton29 04 200312:29PM

Yeah... that thread won't hold a candle to this one. Meta meta meta! Who'all's blue pill on this shiz?

jkottke14 04 2003 3:14PM

First post = one = anagram of Neo. The philosophical implications of this are staggering.

Andrew34 04 2003 4:34PM

But is it still on topic?

Glutton24 05 2003 7:24AM

I notice the posters of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th posts all have 7-letter handles. Coincidence? Only if you deny the genius of the Broz. It is all-enveloping.

jkottke38 05 2003 8:38AM

And now the 2nd poster and the 5th poster have the same name. Coincidence? I don't think so. 2. 5. 25. The W. bros were both 25 years old on their 25th birthdays. Is anyone else scared right now?

Glutton32 05 200312:32PM

I'm all a-tingle. Uff da!

I would work to solve this conundrum but too busy trying to decode the secret messages the Broz implanted in the alphanumeric/kanji "Matrix script" in the movie ads. I'm sure all my answers are there!

ctm341 05 2003 3:41PM

There is no matrix thread. Free your mind.

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.


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