Timeline problems in Ferris Bueller's Day Off  SEP 30 2003

Timeline problems in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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spygeek48 30 2003 5:48PM

30 minutes into downtown Chicago? Ha! I'm surprised it was even the same day when they got back.

Pierce03 01 2003 7:03AM

This is ridiculous.

Andrew23 01 200312:23PM

Yeah, 30 minutes to downtown would be a stretch, even from "Shermer," which would be in the vicinity of Highland Park if it existed.

However, the timeline mentions having to find parking near Wrigley. They wouldn't have to do this -- they parked the Ferrari in a downtown lot, so they either cabbed it or trained it up to the friendly confines.

So maybe that makes up for the bad commute estimate.

Jason10 01 2003 4:10PM

it's only a movie

Billy Green25 01 2003 4:25PM

fuck you, it's Ferris Bueller.

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