Remember when Matt used to be cool?  SEP 03 2003

Remember when Matt used to be cool?.

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Pierce39 03 2003 4:39PM

No. But that only helps in not clouding my judgement when reading this post.

"honest to goodness R&B"

pbtnmusic52 03 2003 4:52PM

Well, matt is a computer guy (and about as white as a guy can get ;), not a music critic. Matt writing that its 'honest to goodness R&B' carries about as much weight as Justin Timberlake telling me the virtues of php over perl.

As far anil, he just has horrible taste ;)

Matt Haughey00 03 2003 5:00PM

Anil made me do it!

Really, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I've heard much worse stuff.

Anil18 03 2003 5:18PM

Screw you all! And most of all Kottke! I wish I could be all counterculture like you and talk about how I love Nicole Kidman. Then I'd be cool like Jason is and Matt is not.

I hate all of you, I'm quitting my weblog forever.

Pierce22 03 2003 5:22PM

I find that hearing someone say "Justin Timerlake is not that bad" is much harder on the ears then actually listening to man's music.
It's amazing how much I have to weigh these two up against eachother.
Ahem. We'll leave it there folks.

jkottke42 03 2003 6:42PM

Ok, Der...ah, Anil.

Dave S.52 03 2003 6:52PM

Justin who, now?

phil57 03 2003 6:57PM

i got into trouble over a similar statement of "its not as bad as i thought" with my wife regarding mr. timberlake...and it isn't. still, i'd rather listen to about 1,000 different artists.

Ryan30 03 2003 8:30PM

Justified has some real gems on it. I agree with Anil that the ballads are weak.

It's cool to like new JT, but it's intensely uncool to like new Liz Phair.

pb22 04 2003 1:22AM

Is corporate rock the new punk rock? *

* my views do necessarily reflect those of Jive Records, Anil, Zomba Recording Corporation, or any of its affiliated partners.

Preteen36 12 200312:36PM

Hello Folks,nice site youre running!

Davis Nena 20 10 2003 8:20PM

Truth is a kind and gentle lie.

Cook Sioux 08 20 200311:08PM

There was no immunity to cuckoo ideas on Earth.

Gershbein Reid 44 09 2004 8:44PM

It's a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.

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