Practice your Scrabble skills daily on Scrabblog  SEP 10 2003

Practice your Scrabble skills daily on Scrabblog. Nice execution of a great idea

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jkottke20 10 2003 1:20PM

Any DHTML experts want to volunteer to make those Scrabble tiles draggable and repositionable so that people can try out different combinations right on the screen?

Matt Haughey50 10 2003 7:50PM

My prediction: Cease and Desist coming from Milton Bradley in 5...4...3...2...1...

kimmie58 11 2003 5:58PM

actually matt, because of the sudden attention his site received, he changed the name to WordBlog.

excellent idea kottke, how about posting it in lazyweb? :)

snowman39 13 2003 7:39AM

I'm no DHTML expert, so if anyone wants to make the tiles dragable (and make it work in Safari too) I'll be happy to implement the code :)

brian04 17 2003 1:04PM

Why not Flash? You could even make it add your score.

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