New logo for Apple Computer  SEP 26 2003

New logo for Apple Computer.

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R.27 26 2003 2:27PM

Looks like they've completely shelved ITC Garamond Narrow in the process too.

Matt Haughey40 26 2003 2:40PM

Yep, even the boot up screen of Panther* is all Myriad (or is it Gill Sans they are branding with now?), with not a single lick of serif font in the new OS.

* if you want to play with panther betas, for the love of god back your stuff up and be prepared to format and install it clean. Installing the earlier (beta 40-something) versions over my existing 10.2.6 install was a nightmare that didn't function at all.

Schmelding37 26 2003 3:37PM

Yes, it is Myriad.

Boz55 26 2003 3:55PM

Shoot, I love me some Garamond Narrow.

jason35 26 2003 4:35PM

same logo. new treatment. thats all.

what was with the random robot reference?

f554 26 2003 5:54PM

Frutiger? Anyone?

Schmelding07 26 2003 8:07PM

Nope. It is Myriad.

Brian09 26 200310:09PM

Am I the only one that thinks it looks tacky? The logo I mean. As far as Myriad...LOVE IT! Apple Garamond has been needing a break for a long time.

mark crane49 27 2003 6:49PM

Now that I'm running services that shouldn't be interrupted, i.e. sendmail, apache, etc. I'm terrified that each upgrade will break something.

Schmelding07 28 2003 2:07AM

Um, the new logo will break your services?

Charles Stuart21 29 200312:21AM

yes, it does look tacky - even trashy.

nowhereman58 30 2003 5:58AM

it looks like a 3rd class logo of a startup dotcom - UGLY! just like the brushed metal thing... i would like having a clean gui like the beos used to have!!!

majick09 30 200310:09AM

Yikes... is that a SWOOSH on the thing? Apple's freshening the logo up to about 1996?

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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