Neu-York is an obsessively detailed map of  SEP 03 2003

Neu-York is an obsessively detailed map of what Manhattan might have looked like if the Nazis had conquered it in World War II.

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Eckola40 03 2003 4:40PM

That's amazing. Some of the close-ups kind of hint to it being painted on canvas. It's so neat and tidy though, so that's doubtful. Still, it obviously took a lot of dedication and research for such a fully detailed end result.

James04 03 2003 8:04PM


Pity about the banner ad.

MeGo (Melissa Gould)35 05 2003 1:35AM

I just changed the html so that the window for NEU-YORK doesn't pop up and resize itself to fill the screen. (You can do that yourself should you desire). I realised (after the fact) that many people might have thought it was some annoying banner ad and closed it before taking a look. So.....if you have the patience to dig in to this project you can now safely do so. xoxoxox MeGo

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