Logo show and tell  SEP 10 2003

Logo show and tell. some good work in there

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josh blount55 10 2003 1:55PM

does anyone know a place i can go to puruse logos? i have three to do in the near future and need some inspiration because the clients, as is typical, arn't being much. thanks in advance.

jkottke01 10 2003 3:01PM

Josh, you might want to check the bookstore or library. There are books put out on a regular basis that feature recently designed logos and identity work. Look for them in the graphic design section...even a medium-sized Barnes and Noble should have something. Here's an example from Amazon to point you in the right direction.

josh blount42 10 2003 3:42PM

jason, thanks a lot, i'm on my way in a few hours (work permitting).

Schmelding24 12 2003 3:24PM

Checkout http://www.logo.nino.ru/ and http://www.logotypes.ru/. There are tons of logo examples (good and bad) at both sites. Those Russians really know how to collect logos, I guess.

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