How to make a computer keyboard out of a typewriter  SEP 11 2003

How to make a computer keyboard out of a typewriter.

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Anthony40 11 2003 7:40PM best guess is that this contrpation will only increase her repetitive stress problems.

Alan36 13 200310:36AM

I've been dying for a typewriter computer keyboard ever since I saw Blade Runner. I suspect I'm not the only one. Anyone up for indulging our geeky lust by churning these muhs out (in a slightly less awkward form, of course) in bulk?

Robert D21 18 2003 6:21PM

I suppose you could just buy a cheap old typewriter off of ebay, wire it up and then sell it on there again, but I doubt something like this would have a bulk appeal.

Conrad17 19 2004 5:17PM

errr.... is it really worth buying? couldnt u sponser an orphan in a third world country instead... or save up to buy a spitfire.... neeeeoooowoowwww ttuftuftuftuftuftuftuf pkowwwww!!!

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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