Flash classic: Yugo's hand-drawn digital clock  SEP 03 2003

Flash classic: Yugo's hand-drawn digital clock.

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dowingba19 03 2003 6:19PM

The link seems to be broken...

jkottke41 03 2003 6:41PM

Sorry. Fixed!

dowingba29 03 200311:29PM

Excellent. That is awesome, if not a bit annoying to actually use as a clock.

Pierce49 04 2003 3:49AM

Yeah. I found this quite a while ago. Brilliant. It was my desktop wallpaper for a while, but it did get intensely annoying.

Martin08 05 2003 4:08AM

It would be good if it was available as a downloadable screensaver....

Pierce42 05 2003 8:42AM

There's plenty of free programs out there that will convert a flash file to a screensaver. Don't ask me to name one.

Ok, I will. Roboflash. It's a trial though

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