Fake blackout photo  SEP 03 2003

Fake blackout photo.

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D. Frosted15 03 200311:15PM

Also, the complete lack of cloud cover should have been a tip off.

The Economist actually ran the photo (without a caption) last week. They didn't say it was real, but they didn't say it wasn't either. I think they got duped.

dowingba27 03 200311:27PM

The first time I saw it (before people started saying it was false), I wondered why Canada has barely any lights on in it. I mean...we have electricity in Canada, as far as I know. But according to that picture, compared to the ultra lit-up USA, Canada is back in the 19th century.

ReformBlog.com07 05 2003 2:07AM

That is funny how they had to get the scoop and ran a bunk story. It shows honest news is found in weblogs more frequently than news papers.

crystl15 18 2003 9:15AM

I'm wondering, how it could be on the photo 'Earth at Night' that night is everywhere on the Earth?

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