Do you have some serious programming skills?  SEP 17 2003

Do you have some serious programming skills? Enter the Google Code Jam 2003.

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sjc54 17 2003 6:54PM

As a condition of winning and redeeming a cash prize, winners ...(vi) licenses to TopCoder and Google rights to all information submitted during the tournament (including rights to source code and other executables)

So for $10,000, they get a piece of source code that's all theirs to use as they will? Niiiiiiiiiice...

jim22 19 200312:22PM

The "Code Jam" is hosted by The types of problems they use are standard computer science fare, e.g. find the nearest future year that shares the same calendar with the current year. Not difficult until you consider people are finshing in under 10 minutes.

But I doubt it's the type of source code Google is salivating over.

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