Chris Ware has two new books out:  SEP 21 2003

Chris Ware has two new books out: Quimby the Mouse and The Acme Novelty Date Book.

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Stefan Jones36 22 200312:36PM

I bought both of these, but I'm saving them for Later, after reading through some lesser works and gift books.

Well, I DID glance at Quimby mouse. An utterly fantastic production job; the cover is . . . sumptuous.

I read a bit of Ware's story about his grandma. I feel like hunting the boy down and pumping him full of SSRIs, but for all we know the black cloud of depression may be all that keeps him going.

Also read one of the fake ads, touting the advantages of growing giant frogs in your home. "These fat bitches are all the rage!" Laughed so hard I cried.

I actually went out and bought a magnifying glass to help with the fine print, of which there is much.

Glutton44 22 2003 7:44PM

Ware is amazing. I have Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth and the absurdly huge Acme Comdey Gallery (#15?) and that shit is unreal. Yeah, definitely keep all antidepressants away from him.

p511 22 200411:11AM

yup yup,he's somethin alright.

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