Build your own Segway for about $2000  SEP 29 2003

Build your own Segway for about $2000. This guy is my new hero.

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Schmelding11 29 2003 8:11PM

The Segway is a bomb -- ain't no way most people will pay $4,950 for one. $2,000 is still waaay to high for most people. The Segway is the contemporary version of the Edsel, and until the prices drop under $2,000 for one ($1,000 for a DIY Kit? How cool would that be?) Segway is fast looking to become a dinosaur. Hey, I really, really, like the Segway, but...I think you get the idea.

mc25 29 200310:25PM

electric scooters are not new, the segway was not a new product. i owned a goped hoverboard for a year and a half before the "new" invention was released. and the segway is too heavy. my hovey is 40lbs. does 12mph and cost $600. it's easier to ride as well. (yes i've ridden a segway)

KJC17 02 200311:17AM

Can I also build my own iPod for $150?

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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