Bill Joy, father of Java, is leaving Sun  SEP 09 2003

Bill Joy, father of Java, is leaving Sun.

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rob58 09 200312:58PM

Actually, James Gosling is the father of Java. Bill Joy created Berkeley UNIX (now the basis for Solaris/Sun OS and Mac OS X) and was more like the friendly uncle of Java. See for short bios on these two and for a short history of how java came about.

Brandon D. Valentine44 09 2003 2:44PM

Actually, SunOS 4.1.x and earlier were BSD based. Sun abandoned their BSD roots with Solaris and went for a straight SVR4 derivative. Modern Sun UNIX is quite spartan, in the less-than-grand SysV tradition. Many Sun users and admins cried when Sun dropped their Berkeley UNIX. Solaris is almost universally despised by anyone who ever used SunOS 4.1.x or earlier. Long live BSD.

Doug58 10 2003 4:58AM

Actually, Jello is a rather weird 'food' when one thinks about it and we all know so much more than the next person. (Had to get into the high-powered "Actually-beginning" arena.)

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