Soderbergh, Clooney, and the gang to make "Ocean's Twelve"  AUG 27 2003

Soderbergh, Clooney, and the gang to make "Ocean's Twelve". No foolin'

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Gregory53 27 2003 6:53PM

This is the kind of thing I will deny until the day it comes out. At which point, I'll somehow "forget" about it.

Matt Haughey52 27 2003 8:52PM

This sounds genius, the story says it's three bank heists in London, so we get the same snappy script and all-star cast, but they're not just in a burglary thrill ride, it could also be a road movie about how they get out to the UK and back.

Oceans Eleven is a very underrated movie, I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

tomas17 27 200311:17PM

I heard it was going to be simultaneous robberies in Rome London and Berlin.

R.42 28 2003 2:42AM

Oceans Eleven is a very underrated movie

The critical response was overwhelmingly favorable, the box office was boffo. That's underrated?

Matt Haughey50 28 2003 3:50AM

I meant underrated among friends at least. I remembered hearing ho-hum reviews and avoiding it when it came out and one friend insisted it was worth a rental months later. Then word slowly grew and everyone seems to be fans of it.

sakana18 28 2003 8:18AM

It's too bad the first try sucked (And when I say "first" I mean first remake. The original is great.)-- and this is coming from a huge Soderbergh fan. I've rarely been so disappointed by a movie: I found it was depressingly flat and totally lifeless. Though I suppose that means OCEAN'S 12 can't be much worse....

Stefan Jones36 28 200312:36PM

I thought the remake was OK . . . a clever and enjoyable popcorn movie. I've rarely heard anything good about the original, but I might see it to see what Old Las Vegas looked like. (I mean, dang, almost all the old casinos are gone now. Almost all of Ceasar's has been replaced.)

sjc49 28 2003 1:49PM

You just said "boffo" without a trace of irony.

R.27 28 2003 3:27PM

I have an uncontrollable reflex for interleaved alliteration.

At least I didn't say "gal pal." Oops.

Emily23 29 2003 2:23PM

GAAHHHH! Make it stop! Everyone should rent the DVD of the *original* OE instead...much more entertaining, far less plot, and Dean Martin singing "Ain't Love a Kick in the Head," how can you top that?

Mike19 30 2003 9:19PM

I found the original boring and almost unwatchable. The Rat Pack pretty much phoned it in and went back to the casinos. The remake was fun and a great improvement.

Mike39 30 2003 9:39PM

Actually, the exception is Sammy Davis Jr.'s first scene when he was singing next to the garbage trucks. I was too young to see him in his prime.

Tom Morris47 31 200312:47PM

I'm actually pretty positive about this. As always, it's too early to tell - but I'm not dismissing it out of hand. Might... be... okay...

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