My foodie friends snicker at my fondness for iceburg lettuce  AUG 25 2003

My foodie friends snicker at my fondness for iceburg lettuce.

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Anil23 25 2003 5:23PM

I too, bear the stigma of an iceberg afficionado. Someday, my friend, we will be free to enjoy the crunchy, leafy heart without shame.

R.26 25 2003 5:26PM

On the wedge: Chilled iceberg lettuce is the ideal base for a rich buttermilk-and-bacon dressing.

Every nutritionist in my time zone just plotzed.

jkottke36 25 2003 6:36PM

I also like the word "plotzed" even though it seems like I shouldn't.

sjc54 25 200311:54PM

Damnit, now I'm all in the mood for a nice heaping bowl of iceberg lettuce smothered in Thousand Island. Thanks a lot.

Spivack Nova 25 27 2004 5:25PM

Have no friends not equal to yourself.

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