Movie of someone solving the Rubik's Cube in 18 seconds  AUG 08 2003

Movie of someone solving the Rubik's Cube in 18 seconds. Quicktime

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jkottke49 08 2003 3:49PM

I watched his last move frame-by-frame. He's doing some amazing things with his fingers, moving 2-3 slices on different axes in one smooth motion. Watching a top athlete do their thing is always remarkable, and speedcubing, however dorky, is no exception.

bing13 08 2003 4:13PM

His secrets:

It's really interesting to see in slow motion what he's doing and then see it in realtime.

Scott40 08 2003 8:40PM

Anyone ever thought this is just a scrammble of a Rubik's Cube played in reverse?

dubiousalibi38 09 2003 4:38AM

Damn, that's amazing. Although that cube looks suitably greasy-up ready for slick action.

Jeff11 11 200312:11AM

It seems to be the real thing. He has a whole library of individual moves, where he does those multi-axle moves in slow and fast motion. This guy is the real thing. It seems like there's a whole group of other speed-cubers.

Bob Sherron56 11 200312:56PM

Wow. I never knew of this whole deal. Great link!

Paul Neave32 12 200310:32AM

You'd look that miserable too if you'd spent your life solving rubix cubes. Still, nice finish.

El Krasso04 16 2004 4:04AM

=D Wow.. very impressing..
My Record is 3 Min. 47 Sec. :)

chris forgie23 02 2004 1:23PM

im joing the tournament i can do the cube in 28 seconds but im getting faster my video will be coming soon

chris forgie26 02 2004 1:26PM

getting faster i can now do it in 22 seconds not joinging the tournament

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