Google has a calculator now  AUG 13 2003

Google has a calculator now.

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Greg52 13 200312:52PM

A graphing calculator powered by Google would be unbelievably swank.

Ryan Schroeder38 13 2003 1:38PM

With plain word conversions!
13 pounds = 0.928 571 429 stones

pb20 13 2003 6:20PM

Funny how we're going back to the command line interface!

Ryan04 14 200310:04AM

Ok, I've obviously spent too much time with this thing, but it's got

Simon50 14 2003 1:50PM

Bizarre that is has smoots, but this doesn't work:

how many kb in 2 gb

Ryan Schroeder19 14 2003 2:19PM

Although this does:
2 KB in GB

Ryan Schroeder21 14 2003 2:21PM

wait, what happend?

2 KB in GB (with Caps in the url this time, KB v. kb)

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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