Digitally retouching a bikini model's photo  AUG 09 2003

Digitally retouching a bikini model's photo. Check out the archive for more examples and don't believe anything you see in magazines

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Brian47 09 2003 4:47PM

Why wouldn't they have simply hired a hotter model to begin with?

Joseph59 09 2003 4:59PM

Probably because an ugly(er) model plus the cost of retouching is less than the cost of the hotter model.

Emily18 09 2003 6:18PM

But does any woman seriously look as "hot" all over her face and body as airbrushed photos? The bottom line is that it's unrealistic; all about projecting a fantasy image.

asdf48 10 200312:48PM

What's up the the nose family? Is that real? A joke? They all got nose jobs? Anyone? It's freakign me out.

rafter47 10 2003 6:47PM

They've all got false noses attached to their faces, and Greg apparently has made them look authentic.

I'd like to know the context of some of these ads/whatnot, though -- why does Pixar have so many dark, dark shots they need lightened? Why not render it right in the first place?

Antony Hare10 11 2003 5:10PM

I especially enjoyed the digital retouching of the CAT shoe. Again, it struck me as strange that a scuffed shoe was photographed at all, but Greg's (Photoshop?) skills are, indeed, excellent.

fdsa22 11 2003 6:22PM

Actually, I think she is pretty hot (untouched) --- anyone photographed so closely will have his/her pores and smallest of blemishes accentuated.

Paul41 11 200311:41PM

The bad lighting on her face was the biggest problem I had with the original.

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