David Sedaris on The Girl Next Door  AUG 12 2003

David Sedaris on The Girl Next Door in the New Yorker.

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Stefan Jones04 12 2003 6:04PM

Great stuff. Although to be truly appreciated, Sedaris' writing has to be read out loud, by Sedaris.

Damn, I feel sorry for that kid.

mark33 12 2003 9:33PM

i still think that sedaris is highly overrated. but i'm sure that's also part of his charm, in some twisted fashion.

frigg59 15 2003 2:59AM

Ugh...sedaris is our greatest living humo(u)rist.

thank you for the link, jason.

ASIDE: seems like sedaris is going deeper into mining tough personal territory, SANS irony. I think it suits him well.

Makes you tired of irony...

me42 19 2003 8:42AM

i agree frigg --

i feel sorry for that girl, too.
sometimes i feel you should have a license to have kids!

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