A chap named Henry Raddick humorously reviews  AUG 13 2003

A chap named Henry Raddick humorously reviews anything and everything on Amazon.

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Sunny29 14 200310:29AM

I think the word 'superb' is the extent of his vocabulary.

Bryan12 15 2003 1:12PM

I thought so too, but if you read a little more, you'll find that he mentions his wire 'Marjorie' as well. Apparently she doesn't object to being used for a literary device. All digs aside, the reviews are fun and I like the celebricisity that the Amazon reviews provide. A new microcosm? (I had to use the dictionary for that one)

Sunny05 15 2003 3:05PM

That is true Bryan. I often those reviews very helpful. Some are very well written. My earlier response was supposed to be funny. He is really very energetic and excited abt being a reviewer. And using his wife as a lieterary device, conveys style.

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