Ladies and gentlemen, the musical stylings of Leonard Nimoy  AUG 08 2002

I know you're not going to believe me, but there's a lot of weird stuff on the Internet. Here's a sampling of some strange things I've run across lately:

- The cream of the crop is this music video (mirror) of Leonard Nimoy singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins (mp3). I haven't the words... (via Matt)

- Overweight male clad in a thong dances around in the forest to rap tune. Spock dazed me...thong man finished the job. (via His Royal Highness of Trousers)

- The Simpsons shill for a Japanese soft drink called CC Lemon. (via jz)

- Some folks like to improv episodes of Dark Shadows vs. Scooby Doo in AOL chat rooms. Here's a transcript of one of the improvs. (via waxy)

- I got some spam today with a subject line that read: "ATTENTION! IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR HOMING PIGEONS". Spammers are targeting very small demographics these days.

- A Google search for "william shatner ramming kottke" yields results, including a previous search for that phrase.

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