"What on Earth!" by Kaj Pindal  JUL 01 2002

I just saw the neatest short film on PBS, "What on Earth!" by Kaj Pindal. The mockumentary, made in 1966 and sponsored by the National Film Board of Canada Mars, details the life of a typical Earthling (an automobile) from the perspective of the Martians. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it anywhere online.

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Marc LaFoy31 01 2002 5:31PM

Kaj made many fine films for the NFB - check them all out...



Red? What's with the red?

Andrew25 02 2002 6:25AM

Cartoon Network used to have a program on Sunday nights called O Canada! featuring many of the NFB's shorts. They kept moving the time around until it finally fell off the schedule.

My favorites were Log Driver's Waltz and Biting Flies.

hessel09 02 2002 7:09AM

mmmh, that sounds like ford prefect in the hitchikers guide to the galaxy...

gert42 02 2002 8:42AM

The dead mailman film is my all-time favorite.

fghjorth46 02 200211:46AM

As the bio provided by kottke says (in Danish), WOE actually earned Pindal an Oscar nomination. After leaving the NFB, he went on to work for amongst others George Lucas.

Chris Walker49 03 200212:49AM

Slightly OT, but "The National Film Board Of Canada" was the inspiration for the techno duo Boards of Canada. If you haven't heard their music, you should - it's quite beautiful.

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