Web coverage of the Etech conference  MAY 17 2002

Select Web coverage of the Emerging Tech Conference: ETech coverage page, Overstimulated, Lessig's ETCON Commons speech notes, my head may explode, An infinitely hot and dense dialog, cloud as a given, The former audience, the most complex machine, Brewster Kahle on the Internet Archive, Emerging Conciousness, thinking about cybernetics, breaking old regulations and old habits, fairly far off into the future, Distributed power-strip distribution, Omniscient Conferencing, recycling PR junk. Real-time blogging is next-to-useless stenography, but there's some good value in near real-time reflections on current happenings (can you tell that I think Cory did an excellent job of covering the conference in a quick but useful manner?). It's the difference between recording something for later and making connections for people.

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