10,000,000th Blogger post  FEB 22 2002

At some point today, someone posted the 10,000,000th post to a Blogger-powered weblog. Who was it? Were you close?

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jkottke55 22 2002 7:55PM

Here's the closest I could find after a short search: 10003621.

davidmsc44 22 2002 9:44PM

J: How did you know that someone posted the 10,000,000th post? And if so -- how come you don't know which one it is? Just curious...thanks.

dave12 22 200211:12PM

I remember looking at my posts yesterday and thinking that it would hit that mark. I could be wrong but I think all of the blogger events hit the same database, so the 10,000,000th post could in fact be someone's weblog. At any rate, I still don't know where it is (I was off by about sixteen thousand).

Pittsburghian19 23 200212:19AM

Don't worry about that 10^7 post. You have more important concerns. When are you going to update that biography of yours?

mathowie52 23 2002 3:52AM

this post is within about 1200 posts shy of the mark.

can you grab posts from the xml-rpc framework via postID?

aaron58 23 2002 3:58AM

I had an entry that was 2431 posts away. How exciting!

mathowie03 23 2002 4:03AM

Luke was only 1700 away. It looks like it happened around 6am Pacific time, on friday. Maybe a few minutes shy of 6.

tomcosgrave46 23 2002 8:46AM

The last post I made to my weblog was number 9980975 - 19,025 short of the mark.

Meg P21 23 2002 9:21AM

I managed to hit 10000271 (and also 9999542)

Rikard47 23 2002 9:47AM

Indeed how do you find out the number of a post? Tried to look in the archives but couldn't tell anything from them. Is it something you need to setup in the template?

kofi31 23 200210:31AM

Not that far off with 100000218. But no cigar.

Dave15 23 200211:15AM

Closer still: 9999957. Maybe an eighth of a cigar?

Adam Kalsey42 23 200211:42AM

Okay, I'll help those confused souls that don't understand how people know what post number they were.

Blogger assigns a unique number to each post. If you mouse over the edit link in the Blogger editor, the number after id= is the post number.

You can also add the <$BlogItemNumber$> tag to your template and that will be replaced with the post id.

That is also how Blogger users create permanant links to their posts. They add something like this to their Blogger template:

<a name="<$BlogItemNumber$>"></a>
<a href="<$BlogItemArchiveFileName$>#<$BlogItemNumber$>">link</a>

Adam Kalsey46 23 200211:46AM

I just emailed Ev and asked if he'd post and entry on Blogger to tell who did it.

caroline56 24 2002 3:56AM

My friend Hydragenic was very close: 9999923.

anil36 24 200210:36PM

I had thought a few months ago about figuring out the timing frequency of milestone post numbers, and using that to try to hit close to 10 million or so, but the posting rates changed dramatically after september, and it would've been too hard to guess.

This is my elaborate way of confessing my sour grapes. The thing I lament is that now remembering post IDs is harder for doing comments and stuff, because the 7-digit numbers read like North American phone numbers.

Martin Conaghan14 25 2002 4:14AM

The part I'm concerned about, is that the more people Blog, the more these numbers are going to increase.

I'm not sure I like the idea of an archive page on my site with a link like:


Why can't it just assign a number based a the user's Blogger ID combined with the date (or time) the entry was posted?

So, for example, if I posted at 10am on 25/2/2002, my link could be something like:


Hossein Sharifi49 25 2002 4:49AM

Out of curiosity, I queried the YACCS database to see if there was a comment on post #10M. Here are the 4 closest IDs I found: 9999983, 9999986, 10000009 ! (no permalink), and 10000014.

jkottke53 25 200211:53AM

The part I'm concerned about, is that the more people Blog, the more these numbers are going to increase.

Sure, but as the # of posts increases exponentially, the # of digits in the post id only increases linearly. 10,000,000 is 10 times 1,000,000, but only one digit longer.

Ev38 25 2002 2:38PM

And the winner is: http://www.blogger.com/news_archive.pyra?which=2002_02_01_news_archive.xml#10112810

mal52 25 2002 5:52PM

If anyone's interested, I'm pretty sure those Yellow Pages ads were nicked from Viz Comic's site, viz.co.uk. Warning - if you're not familiar with Viz's output, expect some strong language (albeit in comic form). Also, if you want some background on Viz, a search on the BBC news site is always a good bet.

Saima46 26 2002 8:46AM

See I thought I was being clever by typing in #10000000 at Blogdex but it seems I'm not because I didn't read the previous couple of posts. Ah well.

Agent Vulga17 26 2002 9:17AM

I'm afraid it was me... And I did indeed nick the Yellow Pages ad thingy... Sorry!

Could have been a bit more exciting I know, but I didn't know I was doing it until it was done (does that make any sense?)
Well, thanx for looking! My website isn't really ready at all, and probably won't be until about April / May (too much to do at work!) but if you're interested, it at http://www.vulga.co.uk. And I'm trying to get some webspace sorted out, so I have somewhere to put it, and get rid of the annoying banners!


Agent Vulga

Agent Vulga13 28 2002 2:13PM

I'm only accidentally sad, I didn't ask for this!

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