The best of 2001  DEC 24 2001

All of the "best of" and other such end-of-the-year lists for 2001 are starting to ooze out of various content-generating entities, both online and off. I'm a total sucker for such lists, can't get enough of them. Even bad lists stimulate good conversation ("those choices sucked; these would have been much better: ...").

Here are some lists I've located so far: The Year in Ideas (NY Times); 2001 Person of the Year (Time); four Top 10 Movies lists from the NY Times: 01, 02, 03, 04; Coolest Space Science Images of 2001 (; Science News of the Year (Science News); Best of the Web 2001 (PC World); 2001: The Year in Recordings (Rolling Stone); The Year in Sports (; Most Censored Press Releases of 2001 (McSweeney's); 2001 Inventions of the Year (Time); and Books of the Year (The Economist).

Have you run across any good best-of/end-of-the-year lists?

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tamim48 24 2001 9:48AM

RIAA and Billboard disagree on the 2001 best-seller list.

Michael Nerad01 24 200110:01AM

December 24 Wired News.
Under "Elsewhere Today", there are links to several "best of" lists from: Nanocircuits Top 2001's Breakthroughs,
Coolest Space Science Images of 2001,
Weird Science in 2001,
The World Technology Awards 2001 also has several "best of", lists by theme.

Josh Rothman18 24 200110:18AM

Forget Rolling Stone -- the real best recordings of the year are at Pitchfork.

jkottke00 24 200112:00PM

That's an excellent list at's the permanent URL for it.

josh02 24 200112:02PM

2001 Google Zeitgeist, compiled list of search patterns and trends.

KingDead05 24 2001 4:05PM

Well, this might count: Discover Magazine's Year in Science. CHUD lists some of the other critics' awards.

Dave Reid07 24 2001 4:07PM

New York magazine has a Year in Review that is worth a read. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Critics Top 10 (books, movies, etc.). The Top 10 Pop CDs (Bjork not N'Sync) introduced me to stuff I had missed this year.

Amy47 24 2001 7:47PM

Amazon's top CDs, one list by their editors and one list by customers. The customer list is about what you'd expect, but I the editors' list is fairly diverse. There are DVD and book lists too.

maura33 24 2001 9:33PM

pitchfork sucks, yo. there are tons of smarter lists out there.

Rex32 26 2001 7:32PM

This is going to look completely arogant and self-serving, but I can't help myself. I have a huge list on this topic: Year in Review has around 200 links.

jkottke38 26 2001 9:38PM

Nice work, Rex. I thought someone might have such a list...half the motivation for this thread was to ferret it out if it existed. Feel free to steal any of the links from this thread for your list, if there are even any here that you don't have.

vitaflo55 26 200110:55PM

Video games of the year. Who else did ya think would give ya this link. ;)

Jake Howlett41 27 200111:41AM

Wopps. I missed the Link link so here's the link again...

capspace07 01 2002 9:07PM

In the tradition of tooting one's own horn:

Bill's Best of '01

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