Who says spam is all  NOV 14 2001

Who says spam is all bad? I got a spam last night that contained a link to the Elbo Elf site: "Make your child happy this Christmas! Get them an Elbo Elf book and CD. Elbo Elf is the story of a Christmas Elf in Santa's workshop with four uncoordinated arms - the story of how he became...'The Package Master of Christmas'". A whole CD and book about a four-armed elf dubbed "The Package Master"? That's fan-frickin'-tastic.

In the spirit of Elbo Elf, kottke.org presents The Very Special First Degree List That Completely Supercedes The Ultra Elitist A-List In All Ways: Salted Wound, BlahStuff, The Perfect Kiss, Tangmonkey.com, BoredImsomniac, USS Clueless, Webmutant, Crunchland, Blacklist, Phonezilla, The Writing Sessions, Iceberg273, My Life as an American Gladiator, Tamim, Jerry Kindall, Skot, Grangousier, Dopeskill, Holloway, Mattpfeff, Aqua Hydra, Leuschke.org.


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