mathowie: did you ever get  NOV 02 2001

mathowie: did you ever get your affiliate check for that?
damptrousers: come to think of it...
mathowie: probably lost in the mail...
damptrousers: it'll arrive in a week or so, i'm sure...all 'thraxed up.
mathowie: oooh. I'm going to start using that in casual conversation.
mathowie: all 'thraxed up
damptrousers: it'll be all the rage with the kids in a few weeks. "your moms won't let you go to that party? that's thraxed, yo."
mathowie: that's even better.
damptrousers: hey, should i post this conversation to my "Web Log"?
mathowie: yeah, more AIM logs!
damptrousers: whee!

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