A reader reminded me about  NOV 29 2001

A reader reminded me about the whole IT/Ginger thing that was hot news earlier this year. According to The IT Question site, the release of Ginger will be sometime in 2002, although Time says that Kamen hasn't said a word about IT in months. Apparently, Good Morning America is going to reveal the identity of IT during their broadcast on Dec. 3rd.

Also, someone with the username "Jane Doe" posted a short note in The IT Question discussion forum back in January saying that she'd actually ridden IT and that IT's a "heck of red scooter" and "easy to steer and you cant fall off!!!" The rest of the 39-page, 11-month-long discussion is composed mostly of everyone trying to figure out what Jane Doe's deal is. Online communities are funny.

Update: looks like Wired News did some digging about IT today too: "Will 'It' Finally Be Revealed?"

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