More rafting photo madness.  AUG 01 2000

i'm mad as hell, and i'm not going to take it anymore

More rafting photo madness. A few weeks ago, I went rafting with a few friends in California and the pictures are still trickling in. A sampling:

- A professionally taken photo of our raft going through a rapids called "Satan's Cesspool" (I think). Everyone looks so damn determined, don't they?

- Meg, slacking on the paddling.

- A shot of the beautiful countryside through which we were floating.

- Freddie Prinze Jr. was on my raft. Jealous?

- An underwater picture of me and Meg. The camera was underwater; we were not.

- Group photo of Team Rescue, so named because later in the day, they pulled a tourist and two of their own out of the river.

- Our companion raft shoots the rapids ahead of us while Eddie, our guide's fearless raft dog, stands watch at the front of our boat.

- Our guide, John, steering the boat.

- Jason, slacking on the paddling. Slack-jawed slacking.

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